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Workforce Management Software that allows people to work better together

  • Real Time Visibility
  • Business Statistics
  • Project Management
  • Team Transparency
  • Work-life balance


  • Virtual Campus a.k.a. Fishtank
  • Meeting management
  • Communication features
  • Assigned task accountability
  • Team recognition & coaching
  • Work-life balance index
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  • Timekeeping for your employees tied in with job descriptions and job tasks.
  • Time cards with employee attestations.
  • PTO management, OT management, breaks, and reminders
  • Promote the transformation of work at a global, national, and local level.
  • Projects tie in with payroll and job descriptions of team members
  • All projects are attributed to your employee’s time sheet
  • Units of measure are customized to your organization’s unique measurement needs
  • Create the ideal ROI for the business and the individuals
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Customer Success Stories​

“Initially drawn to coAmplifi for project management, I quickly discovered it's much more. It's the comprehensive tool that has transformed how we do business.

Vartan Arabyan | CEO | Valley Healing Group

We understand modern business drawbacks

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Time & Attendance

coAmplifi’s payroll feature integrates with our task management system to help you avoid being apart of the U.S.’s growing wage and hour disputes.
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Productivity Management & Solving the Mismatch

Measure and manage at the same time. coAmplifi allows you to elevate your team members while ensuring productivity and accomplishing your short-term and long-term goals.

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Accountability with True Value

Create an environment of transparency, alignment, and clarity across all levels of the organization to help foster a culture of harmony and to minimize the danger of assumptions.

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Managing Work-Life Balance

Tracking your work-life balance has never been simpler. You may not be able to work overtime and can manage who needs a break and who needs to focus more.

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Scalability and Sustainability

Scale and sustain your business, even in the middle of a worldwide crisis such as a pandemic, talent shortage, increasing cost of business operations, etc.

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Business Analytics

coAmplifi aims to provide its clients with the means to assist its workforce and management teams to remain compliant with existing labor laws and regulations.

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Cost Control & Efficiency

Decrease travel costs, time savings, workers comp claims, and general payroll financial impact with a product that supports a culture of efficiency, productivity, and results.

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Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention

coAmplifi creates an environment of acceptance, accountability, flexibility, and productivity. It enables the workforce to work in the habitat and conditions they are most productive and happy.


coAmplifi makes it easier for individual team members to stay organized, understand their tasks, and see how their daily work pushes overall company goals forward. It fosters a dynamic workgroup environment by removing modern business drawbacks to help you achieve your goals. Read More
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coAmplifi’s workforce management software contains built-in tools to improve collaboration, productivity, and motivation to keep team members on the same page – regardless of their physical location.
Read More
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coAmplifi’s proactive workforce management software automates time tracking, scheduling, forecasting, and documentation to help businesses make faster, smarter staffing decisions. The real-time tracking of human resource allocation enables you to take charge of your scheduling while providing greater transparency across your organization. Read More
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