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Business Management Software Allows Easy Access to Business Analytics

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Half of business decisions are made based on gut feelings, despite data being available.

Organizations report that only 50% of their decisions are based on data. And of the decisions that are data-driven, only about half of the available data is being considered. Imagine all your organization could achieve by utilizing all of the data that are available to you. coAmplifi’s workforce management software enables you to customize business intelligence measurements and make year-over-year comparisons to vastly improve operational efficiency.
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Benefits of business management software

Business analytics takes the guesswork out of making decisions to save your organization time, money, and costly mistakes.

Business intelligence tools enable you to harness the data you already have to:

coAmplifi’s business analytics features

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Calculate Employee Retention Rates

Monitor employee turnover rates – including the number of employees who have quit, been laid off, retired, or discharged – and associated recruitment costs.

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Measure Work-Life Balance

Identify employees and/or roles that are at high risk of burnout and use automated rest breaks and overtime reminders to help team members maintain the necessary balance.

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Quantify Productivity

Utilize coAmplifi’s Resource Productivity Index (RPI) to assign a numerical value to productivity for individuals based on time spent on their assigned tasks.

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Track Attendance

Automate time tracking, scheduling, and workload predictions with a comprehensive timecard linked to each team member’s calendar. This can also be used to avoid unapproved overtime.

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Calculate Meeting Time Rates

Avoid contributing to the 24 billion hours of time wasted in unproductive meetings each year. Assess how much time is being spent in meetings and keep track of trends.
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Make Business Analytic Comparisons

Compare your organization’s current cost of productivity, turnover rates, time spent on specific tasks per role, and other metrics to previous time periods.

The value of “people analytics” vs business analytics

Roughly 50.6 million people quit their jobs in the U.S. in 2022 – the highest annual quit rate in the history of the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s labor turnover survey. It can cost up to three to four times a position’s salary to find a replacement. coAmplifi’s people analytics tools can be used to understand the root causes of workforce problems like poor retention and provide insight into a variety of strategic team member metrics, including:
  • Return on investment (ROI) for company initiatives
  • New hire successes and failures
  • Training effectiveness
  • Cost per hire
  • Impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives
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