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Coach your team in real time

See what everyone is working on as it’s happening, and make course-corrections if the workflow veers off track.

Resource Productivity Index (RPI)

RPI is more than a timecard. See your employees’ exact productivity expressed as a numerical value.

The Hawthorne Effect

The key to productivity is transparency. See real-time reporting on everyone's activities, from project teams to management.

Wage & Hour Compliance

Employee activity is fully accounted for and approved within the system, helping to ensure payroll accuracy.

More than just project management

Compliance Assistance

Remain in compliance with wage & hour laws no matter where your team is working that day.

Automatic Intelligence

Smart features guide you to the right outcomes in workforce efficiency.

Overtime Management

Proactive alerts for yourself and your team, before logging additional hours.

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Virtual Campus

Manage your team in real time with the coAmplifi Virtual Campus. Our innovative video chat environment keeps your team cohesive, and promotes a positive community within your workgroup.

Desktop view of software used for workplace accountability

Tasks + Time

Transparency is key to good communication. See everyone's up-to-date calendar availability, and follow your colleagues’ progress to keep everyone on track toward success.

Laptop showing viewer how to time track for rest periods on computer system


Each employee on your remote team is subject to the wage & hour laws where they work. Our smart software takes the guesswork out of compliance, reducing the risk of disputes and lawsuits.

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