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Poor management and a lack of culture were the top reasons people quit their jobs last year.

One-third of workers surveyed in 2022 said they were considering quitting their jobs, and one in four reported that they had resigned from their job in the last six months. Top factors influencing this decision included:
  • Toxic company culture (62%)
  • Poor management (56%)
  • Burnout (42%)
  • Not allowing flexible schedules (41%)
  • Limited career progression (37%)
The bottom line: Today’s workers value a flexible, respectful work environment where they feel like their voices are heard. When these values aren’t met, your employees will look for them elsewhere. coAmplifi’s business management software enables managers to seamlessly balance a positive work culture while ensuring project and organizational goals are met.
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Better information = better workforce management

Flexible work hours and environments have introduced new challenges for business leaders. Managers are grappling with how to best maintain employee accountability without coming across as over-controlling.

coAmplifi provides the precise metrics and business analytics needed to ensure individual and team success, minus the micromanagement. Our workforce management system helps you keep better track of:

Balance flexibility with accountability

coAmplifi encompasses the tools and detailed information every organization needs to track, no matter where your employees work.
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View Task/Goal Progress in Real Time

See what anyone within the company is working on and where they are working at any given time. This transparency holds staff, teams, and management mutually accountable to their commitments and offers more opportunities for “coachable” moments.

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Set Clear Expectations

Shared calendars enable team members to see project timelines and due dates across both individual and team goals to keep everyone on the same page. Add well-defined performance metrics for further clarification about how success is being measured.

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Quantify Productivity

Assign a numerical value to each employee’s productivity level based on how much time they’re spending on individual tasks. coAmplifi’s Resource Productivity Index (RPI) makes it easy to measure employees’ focus levels and output for more equitable task distribution.

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Seamlessly Track Attendance

Automate time tracking, scheduling, and workload predictions with a comprehensive timecard linked to each team member’s calendar. Employees are reminded to start/end their work on time and take their scheduled rest periods via auto-generated alerts.

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Identify & Celebrate Accomplishments

Know when your employees achieve a key milestone in their projects. This enables team members to provide each other with positive recognition for their work in real time and increases employee engagement.

Connect your remote, onsite, and hybrid workforce

When geographic locations, time zones, and office environments vary, it can put an unnecessary strain on team connectedness. This may result in confusion or uncertainty when it comes to team projects.

coAmplifi provides intuitive tools to help teams communicate progress and challenges. These features include:

  • Instant messaging
  • Employee social networks
  • A Virtual Campus for video calls
  • Up-to-date calendars linked with email
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Adopt your flexible management system today

Transparency and clarity improve productivity, employee engagement, and staff retention. The right accountability toolbox enables you to coach your teams while maintaining a positive and supportive workplace culture.

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