Work-life balance as a win-win



Ignite productivity with happier, healthier employees

Poor work-life balance has been linked to poor personal health, a lack of sleep, and increased stress – all of which impact employee productivity and performance. More employees value work-life balance in their job satisfaction than factors like:
  • Consistent hours
  • An easy commute
  • Flexibility in where and when they work
  • A path to promotion
  • Networking with coworkers
coAmplifi’s built-in features make it easy for employers to identify when an employee may be overworked, when work isn’t equally distributed, and how they can support employees in setting boundaries, whether that’s at home, in the office, or both.
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The business case for promoting work-life balance

The burnout and turnover that result from these feelings can greatly impact a project’s quality and timeline. When new people are brought on board to replace burnt out employees, much of the project’s time and budget go into training and getting them up to speed. This can result in missed deadlines and rushed, low-quality work.

Work-life balance and project management may seem unrelated, but they are actually intertwined. Employees who consistently work long hours can quickly end up feeling:

How workforce management software can help

coAmplifi helps employers encourage better work-life balance through enhanced organization, clearly communicated expectations, and equal work distribution.

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View your work-life balance as a percentage based on the amount of time you spend working. Full-time employees should spend around 21.8% of their year working.

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Overtime Management

Receive alerts when you are about to work outside of your normal work schedule before logging additional time. You’ll also receive reminders to start and end on time.

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Add personal events, appointments, and errands to your calendar to stay better organized in your personal life. These personal tasks can be color-coded and hidden from others in your company.

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Enhanced Task Tracking

Ensure tasks are equitably assigned among team members and that no one will be forced to work after hours to complete their assignments.

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Easy Organization

Empower employees to prioritize tasks and establish consistent work schedules that allow them to honor personal commitments. coAmplifi’s organizational tools enable each person to know the scope and due date of each task so they can plan their work schedule accordingly.

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Develop Accurate Project Estimates

Some employees overcommit themselves by underestimating the amount of time they need to complete a task. This can affect the project’s overall progress and the development of realistic timelines.

coAmplifi’s project management software helps to identify problems with past estimates to help achieve more accurate estimates in the future.

Address work-life balance challenges in the remote work age

Remote work makes it more complicated than ever to separate work time from personal time. Modern workplace technology allows everyone to be connected all the time, which can create a feeling that the workday never ends. This is especially true when communicating with team members across time zones.

Help ensure team members are not bothered outside of their normal working hours with:

  • Real-time schedule transparency across the organization
  • Automated reminders to take rest and meal periods
  • Task tracking that allows everyone to see where individual tasks stand
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Increased job satisfaction starts today

Employees who feel that their personal time is valued return the favor through increased motivation, productivity, and retention. Help your employees set appropriate boundaries. Speak with a solutions consultant today!

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