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Promoting workplace collaboration can improve your performance rates by 400%.

Organizations that encourage collaboration have five times better performance rates than those that don’t. Unfortunately, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, time spent collaborating in the workplace dropped by 37% in 2020 alone. Effectively managed team organization and collaboration can provide your company with a whole host of benefits, including:
  • Thousands of dollars in cost savings
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Reduced turnover rates
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased burnout and work-related stress
  • Improved innovation
  • Better communication
coAmplifi’s workforce management software contains built-in tools to improve collaboration, productivity, and motivation to keep team members on the same page – regardless of their physical location.
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Business advantages of better team alignment

Increased internal communication and efficient teamwork also have external business benefits, including:

How a workforce management system can help

Tools to bolster organization & teamwork

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Improve Communication with Fish Tank View

Gain visibility into who’s working in the office, from home, on personal time, or off the clock. This view can be broken out by your whole organization, department, team, or individual peers.

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Stay Organized with Schedule Transparency

Schedule view is a user-friendly way for teams to view what is planned for the day, including individual daily and weekly to-do lists, meetings, and optional personal tasks.

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Increase Accountability with Task Management

Easily assign and track tasks in real-time for anyone in your organization. See what deliverables are currently being worked on and how much time has been spent on them.

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Keep Teams Connected with Collaborative Tools

Improve collaboration with a Virtual Campus, instant messaging, file sharing, employee social networks, and message boards for shared meeting notes and agendas.

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Reduce Burnout with Work-Life Balance Aids

Quantify employee productivity numerically with coAmplifi’s Resource Productivity Index (RPI), which can uncover high levels of burnout and automate rest breaks and overtime notices.

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Motivate Your Workforce with Quick Recognition

Know when a peer or team reaches a milestone in a project and easily celebrate their wins. Real-time task monitoring also provides more opportunities for coachable moments.

Built with hybrid & remote teams in mind

In the midst of the “work from anywhere” era, promoting intentional collaboration opportunities is more important than ever.

coAmplifi’s communication features help in-office and remote workers stay connected regardless of their:

  • Location
  • Time zone
  • Employment type
  • Geographic distance
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Start nurturing a collaborative culture today

Experience the benefits of a more seamlessly connected team. Amplify collaboration and organization with a workforce management software that does the heavy lifting for you.

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