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Will your business survive the next global crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that millions of businesses worldwide weren’t adequately prepared for a crisis of that scale. In the U.S. alone in 2020:
  • 56% of companies reported a decrease in demand for their products or services
  • 52% of businesses told employees not to work for some period of time
  • 4 million jobs were lost
  • 1 million businesses experienced a supply shortage
  • 5 million companies reduced employees’ hours
  • 6 million experienced a government-mandated closure
  • 31% of establishments (employing 68.6 million workers) increased telework
  The question businesses should be asking now is, “Is my organization ready for the next crisis”? coAmplifi’s workforce management software combines resource allocation, business forecasting, and advanced data analytics tools to help successfully scale your business based on today’s dynamic workforce.
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Why choose a workforce management system?

When the pandemic struck and forced many businesses to shutter their physical doors, organizations were often left scrambling to update their IT infrastructure, rebalance workloads across teams, and teach employees new skills to help them adapt.

A robust workforce management software can accomplish the same tasks quicker and with higher quality. This digital necessity can help you:

Tools to proactively sustain your business

coAmplifi encompasses the tools and detailed information every organization needs to track, no matter where your employees work.
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Forecast Resource Requirements

Accurately predict resource needs on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or seasonal basis with statistical data tracking.

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Evaluate & Measure Performance

View performance metrics for individuals, teams, departments, or your entire organization with advanced data analytics.

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Receive Alerts When Service Quality Is Impacted

React quickly to employee scheduling or staffing challenges that may impact service quality to minimize disruption to your customers.

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Identify & Fill Skill Gaps

Proactively respond to changes in demand and team workload by uncovering opportunities to teach new or advanced skills to current employees.

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Track Goal Progress
in Real Time

View the status of any task or project at any time to ensure everyone is on track for success. Real-time tracking can also help confirm both short- and long-term goals are being met.

Retain employees by promoting work-life balance

When a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic strikes, it’s important to also consider the physical and emotional toll it may be having on your team members. coAmplifi utilizes built-in tools to encourage a healthy work-life balance, including:

  • Charts: View your work-life balance as a percentage based on the time you spend working.
  • Overtime alerts: Receive reminders to start and stop work on time to avoid logging additional hours.
  • Prioritization tools: Review task completion timelines and work distribution to ensure no one needs to work overtime to complete their work.
  • Encourage rest periods: Employees receive notifications reminding them to take their allotted rest and meal breaks to emotionally recharge.
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Old ways of doing business are no longer practical.

Flexible work preferences are here to stay, and companies that don’t embrace the digital changes required to keep their business afloat will struggle to attract and retain employees.

Get ahead of the future of the workforce by preparing for the unexpected now. Speak with a solutions consultant today!

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