About coAmplifi

We're changing the way your remote team works together, even when you're a world apart.

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coAmplifi was born out of necessity, but developed with passion and an eye toward the future.

In 2020, we were forced to shutter our offices and send our teams home for their health and safety. As a company, we’ve never met a challenge we didn’t try to turn into opportunity, but this was one of our biggest challenges yet.

As software developers, we quickly saw the needs that companies everywhere will have to meet in this new world of remote and hybrid office work. We set to work to address those needs and more, and used out own teams and workflows as the proving ground for our new software.

We were so encouraged by how coAmplifi worked for us, we decided to focus our efforts on bringing the ease and efficiency of coAmplifi to companies everywhere.

We all face the same challenges in this new world. We came up with new solutions.

Let everyone’s voice be heard.

Our philosophy behind coAmplifi is to create an office ecosystem where every team member has a space for their unique value to shine.

Bringing your team together no matter where in the world they are.

We're excited to be at the frontier of a new way of working life for everyone. By maximizing the ease and effectiveness of remote, in-office, and hybrid workforces, we envision a world of productivity, open communication, and profitability for your company.


Enabling the Future of Work

We believe the best way to live up to those values is to give you the tools you need to manage your team transparently, ensure compliance with the wage and hour regulations of each team member’s location, and to make it so easy that you can concentrate on the work that matters most to your company.

The world changed, and so did the nature of work.

What was once a temporary solution to a global challenge is now the way work gets done. Remote and hybrid office work is here to stay. coAmplifi is your company’s solution to project management, team accountability, time tracking, payroll compliance, and so much more.

A dynamic, interconnected workforce requires nimble and comprehensive team management tools.

Keeping track of teams and project goals is challenging enough when everyone is in the same office. Add in timezone differences, a variety of wage and hour regulations, and team oversight obstacles, managing this new way work gets done requires a new set of tools. coAmplifi brings you those tools to keep you ahead of your competitors, no matter where in the world they are.

The strongest teams amplify all voices.

We hold space for all different kinds of people to be included at the table, and we do that for a simple reason: great ideas come from a diverse set of minds. coAmplifi is a software ecosystem that embraces the values of inclusion, fairness, and representation. That’s because the people behind coAmplifi live those values every day.