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Undervaluing project management can cause your projects to fail.

Organizations that omit project management from their business strategies increase their project failure rate by 67%. And across all organization types, over a tenth of all resources are wasted due to poor project management. Adopting tools and strategies that cultivate effective project management environments can:
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Shorten the time to project delivery
  • Improve project quality
  • Boost collaboration and teamwork
  • Reduce wasted resources and duplicative efforts
coAmplifi’s workforce management software is more than just a project management tool. It fosters a dynamic workgroup environment by removing modern business drawbacks to help you achieve your goals.
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Track all project elements in one place

Gone are the days of trying to stay up-to-date on project progress by switching between timekeeping programs, task management tools, and spreadsheet budget trackers.

coAmplifi enables you to track all of the following with a single login:

Keep project teams on track for success

Transparency and accountability are critical to streamlined project management. coAmplifi features tools that enable projects to stay on time and on budget from start to finish with unparalleled visibility into each team member’s contributions.

Transparency & accountability features

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Integrate Project Management with Job Descriptions

Delegate specific tasks and goals to individual team members based on their job descriptions. This helps ensure each team member is working within their skill set.

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Create & Track Measurable Tasks

Break work down into tasks that can be defined, assigned, scheduled, and tracked. View real-time progress on KPIs and individual and team goals as percentages of the whole.

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Increase Coordination & Collaboration

Enable advanced teamwork and alignment with file-sharing tools,  discussion forums, messaging tools, and team dashboards where essential project information can be displayed.

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Monitor Task & Milestone Completion

Easily access information about when a task was completed, how much time it took, who completed it, and where most of the project’s time is being spent.

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Align Tasks with Organizational Goals

Allow team members to see the value of their work by tying their tasks directly to an organizational goal. Track progress towards strategic goals beyond the project’s lifespan.

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Automate Billing & Invoicing

Automate time tracking, billing, and invoicing for multiple clients directly from coAmplifi’s platform – including automated late notices sent for overdue invoices.

How do team members benefit?

coAmplifi makes it easier for individual team members to stay organized, understand their tasks, and see how their daily work pushes overall company goals forward.

Specific ways team members benefit from our workforce management software include:

  • Clearer assignment expectations
  • Easier prioritization and daily planning of tasks
  • Increased honesty and transparency from leadership
  • Improved ability to share knowledge across teams
  • Less miscommunication and confusion
  • Enhanced visibility into project progress and milestones
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Improve your project success rates today

Streamlined project and task management can save your organization significant amounts of time, money, and resources. In fact, organizations with strong project strategies are 77% more likely to reach their goals than organizations without mature project strategies. Join the ranks of organizations that are benefiting from workforce management software and speak with a solutions consultant today!

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