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Employee Time Tracking Software with Timecard Management & Analytics

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Monitor task completion and staffing needs in real time

Managers and team leads are now responsible for tasks that used to fall on the shoulders of their human resources department, including:

  • Time tracking
  • Prediction of workload volumes
  • Creating work schedules
  • Satisfying time-off requests
  • Considering work location preferences

Mix these responsibilities in with dynamic work schedules, remote/hybrid work models, and/or a combination of hourly and shift-based workers, and these tasks quickly become a time-consuming challenge.

coAmplifi’s proactive workforce management software automates time tracking, scheduling, forecasting, and documentation to help businesses make faster, smarter staffing decisions.

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Features to revolutionize scheduling and resource forecasting

With our timecard app’s real-time tracking  of human resource allocation, coAmplifi enables you to take charge of your scheduling while providing greater transparency across your organization.

coAmplifi’s timecard and timesheet documentation features include:

Features spotlight:

coAmplifi’s calendar feature can help employees and managers:

  • Visualize project timelines and what an employee’s day or week looks like
  • View tasks being completed by other team members and when they were completed
  • Track progress on goals by quantifying the percentage of tasks completed
  • Align on project expectations and due dates, as modifications to tasks, functions, and projects must be agreed upon by the employee and employer
  • See any missed assignments by other team members
  • Become better organized in their personal lives by adding private tasks
The Calendar feature also works with Outlook to help schedule meetings more efficiently.

Boost and monitor productivity with customized tasks

Regular goal setting is commonplace in most work environments, but when was the last time you correlated these overarching goals with the specific, everyday tasks of your team?

coAmplifi makes it easy to create and assign tasks that directly align with both your yearly goals and an employee’s job description. This enables you to keep company goals on track while also empowering employees to:

  • See the value of their work
  • Learn how their tasks contribute to the organization’s overall goals and success
  • Manage their day wherever and however works best for them
  • Stay on task

Quantify productivity numerically

coAmplifi’s Resource Productivity Index (RPI) feature enables you to effortlessly place a numerical value on each employee’s productivity and focus levels.

  • If an employee’s RPI is too high, proactive efforts can be made to help reduce their workload and risk of burnout.
  • If an employee’s RPI is too low, managers can get a more detailed glimpse into the employee’s everyday work by seeing how much time they’re spending on assigned tasks.

Simplify project management

Organizations that don’t prioritize project management as part of their strategic drivers are 67% more likely to have their projects fail outright. coAmplify advances project management efforts by creating more alignment between individuals and teams, expanding transparency, and quantifying project progress.

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