Remote & hybrid workforce empowerment

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Company culture or productivity? Spoiler: you can have both.

Roughly 6 in 10 U.S. workers whose job can be done from home are working remotely most or all of the time. Three in 4 of those workers who have office access are choosing to work from home simply because it’s their preference.  Remote and hybrid work is here to stay, making many companies feel like they have to choose between elevating their employees and managing productivity. coAmplifi’s software offers a solution to help companies like yours achieve an optimal balance between profit and employee happiness.
Business owners tracking their employee's productivity levels using a management software.

Features to empower remote & hybrid workers

coAmplifi’s software can:

But wait – What about accountability?

coAmplifi supports a culture of efficiency, transparency, and results. Our software makes it easier to track productivity and deliverables – all while giving your employees more flexibility and an improved work-life balance.

  • Our Resource Productivity Index (RPI) quantifies each employee’s productivity level as a numerical value.
  • Our Calendar feature enables everyone in the company – including leadership – to view an individual’s day, the tasks they’re completing, and any assignments they’ve missed.
  • Our Charts feature makes it easy to detect if an employee is logging their time incorrectly, whether that’s on purpose or on accident.

Real-time tracking, minus the micromanagement

Supervisors have access to real-time reporting on their employees’ activities and focus levels. This level of transparency across the company encourages employees to stay on task while empowering them to manage their day wherever and however works best for them.

Adaptable to Any Company

coAmplifi is highly customizable, allowing companies and leaders to make built-in permissions as flexible or as strict as you’d like. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Prevent overtime
  • Limit employees’ tasks
  • Set a maximum number of vacation/sick days
  • Adjust meal break times as needed
  • Track hours for full-time and part-time employees
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Get ahead of the future today

Create a remote and hybrid work culture that helps your employees grow to their potential. The better you can manage your remote workforce today, the more attractive you’ll be to top talent looking to make a change.

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