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Poor communication can cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Companies with a workforce of around 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 each year due to a lack of communication. Effective communication alone can:
  • Increase productivity by 25%
  • Make your organization 5 times more likely to outperform competitors
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Empower employees to be more committed to their employer and work
coAmplifi’s workforce management software comes equipped with tools to skyrocket communication and transparency within your organization – saving you time and money.
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Business benefits of an ‘open door’ approach

High employee engagement is also positively correlated with customer satisfaction, company reputation, and stakeholder value. When customer-facing employees can easily access the information they need, they are better able to assist with customer questions and concerns.

Effective communication is a key driver of employee dedication and loyalty. Employees who feel well-informed of organizational and management changes that impact their work are more likely to:

Increase alignment with workforce management software

coAmplifi features tools to streamline assignment delegation, resource allocation, and business processes. When management and staff teams are aligned, confusion is replaced with clear expectations for better project management.

Communication & accountability features

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Easily Assign & Track Tasks

Assign specific tasks and goals to individual team members based on their job description. These tasks will appear on their to-do list with clear due dates so employees feel confident they’re on the right track.

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Align Tasks with Organizational Goals

Enable employees to see the value their work brings to the organization by having their tasks directly tied to an organizational goal.

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Monitor Task Progress

Leadership, management, and staff can all view tasks that are being completed by anyone in the company. Stay aligned with instant access to when a task was completed and how much time it took.

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Eliminate Missed Assignments

Keep staff accountable with custom alerts for when an assignment was missed or is overdue.

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Make Collaboration Seamless

Schedule meetings with up-to-date calendar availability, share meeting notes, connect with peers via a Virtual Campus, and sync processes – regardless of where in the world your employees are working.

Cultural advantages of organizational alignment

Employee satisfaction increases when team members feel like they can:

  • Share knowledge across teams
  • Have their voice heard
  • Align on company values and goals
  • Expect honesty and transparency from leadership

Effective communication is more important than ever with a mix of employees working remotely and in the office. coAmplifi’s communication features help remote workers remain connected regardless of their location, time zone, and geographic distance.

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Better internal alignment starts today

Good communication smoothes business operations both internally and externally, leading to high customer and employee satisfaction. Get the tools your organization needs to create alignment across teams. Speak with a solutions consultant today!

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