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Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software for Business and Enterprise

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Full transparency, project planning, execution, and optimization in the “work from anywhere” era?

It’s absolutely possible.

coAmplifi for Professional Services ensures that the right employees – with the right skill sets – are available at the right time. By providing a holistic approach to managing teams and projects in professional service firms, errors are reduced, time is saved, and outcomes are improved.

In addition to the system’s core features, coAmplifi for Professional Services delivers functionality that allows financial, legal, and engineering professionals to maximize project efficiency, increase revenue, and maximize team resources.

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Benefits of a Professional Services Management Solution

coAmplifi for Professional Services makes it easy for firms to stay on top of productivity, output, and business projections – all within the same platform. In addition to the core features, coAmplifi for Professional Services offers an integrated business solution that delivers:

Redefine Good Project Management

Revolutionize Project & Engagement Tracking

Stay on top of any project and engagements at any stage. Our solution allows you to track milestones, deliverables, profitability, and more for all of your engagements and projects.

Cost/Profitability Modeling

Forecast the profitability of your projects with built-in hourly bill rates and enjoy the flexibility to reallocate resources to maximize project profitability.

Project Staffing

Staff your project in one click or adjust based on needs and project complexity. Readjust staffing based on current and future business needs.
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Resource Allocation

Current and Future Resource Availability

Achieve full transparency with schedules at a glance to see what your team members are working on and what they have planned for the day. See team progress on specific projects, what work members have already completed, and what work is billable vs. non-billable. Forecast future projects based on the availability of your resources.

Utilize Resources Based on Job Descriptions and Roles

Save time and increase profitability, ensuring the right professional is assigned to a project based on their job description, role, and availability.
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Time Keeping

Avoid Legal Trouble

Management, teams, individual employees, and robust processes must all work together to ensure all time worked is time paid. coAmplifi for Professional Services helps:
  • prevent and defend costly wage and hour lawsuits with custom timesheets tailored to each employee’s time zone, applicable laws, rules, regulations, and employer practices; and
  • ensure your team stays compliant with good billing practices.

Modernize Attendance Tracking

Automate time tracking, scheduling, and workload predictions with a comprehensive timecard linked to each team member’s calendar. Billable hours transfer to the billing module for submission to your accounts receivable team for client payment.

Manage Time Off

Customize settings to match your leave of absence and time off policies across the organization. Options include vacation, PTO, and administrative leave, plus others.Learn More 

Client Billing

Improve Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

Reduce errors associated with manual processes. Billable tasks and time are attributed to a pre-bill for review. After the pre-bill is generated, make adjustments (write-offs, write-downs, correcting time worked, etc.) and submit them to your accounts receivable team for payment, speeding up the time it takes to be paid for all work completed.
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Tailored Business Intelligence

Base business decisions on data, not on guesswork or uninformed predictions. Customize measurements and use all the available data to improve operational efficiency with year-over-year comparisons.

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Why Invest in coAmplifi for Professional Services?

Professional services management software isn’t a “nice to have” tool in the modern workplace – it’s essential. Managing multiple applications and data systems can lead to inefficiencies. These include operational delays, system duplication, extended processing times, and hindered revenue cycle management from billing to payment.

Benefits include:

Save Time & Money –
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coAmplifi for Professional Services is a powerful, scalable business solution built with professional services firms in mind. Improve your clients’ experience and empower your workforce now with coAmplifi’s comprehensive professional services management software.

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