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Where Did the Idea of coAmplifi Come From? 

The idea for coAmplifi started long before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Technology has evolved, and we realized that the future of work would include more teams working in three types of environments: (a) remote, (b) hybrid, and (c) onsite.  However, none of the existing software offered everything a company required to set their teams up for success working in all three environments, which can change day-to-day. The evolving nature of work and three types of work environments was the motivation behind the creation of coAmplifi.

As many companies started having their teams work from home because of the pandemic, the need for coAmplifi became more urgent. We knew our software would help make this tragic time less stressful and confusing for remote teams by offering transparency and clear communication.

The Future of Working

The fundamental concept of work has evolved — in order to maximize productivity, we have to move past the relative comfort of “the way we’ve always done it” and move towards the future. CoAmplifi takes a lot of the hard work out of this transition thanks to its intuitive software and focuses on transparency, productivity, and effortless communication.

The goal of coAmplifi’s Workforce Management Software is to harness each team member’s potential and the team’s performance as a whole.

Thanks to our emphasis on organization and communication, your team can reach its full potential while working from home. It also offers more coachable moments within your team; being able to check on each team member’s work every day enables you to offer them consistent encouragement and instruction.

What Problems Does coAmplifi Solve That Other Software Doesn’t?

Other software options don’t offer every resource a company needs to have a high-functioning workforce. With coAmplifi, your day-to-day tasks are seamlessly integrated into the company’s yearly goals. We also include HR resources, effortless communication methods, and a level of transparency that promotes trust and teamwork.

Wage and Hour Compliance

CoAmplifi’s wage and hour features are vital for a company. By helping to ensure work starts on time, rest and meal periods are taken on time, and work ends on time, staff aren’t bothered on their days off, etc., employers and employees can avoid confusion, enhance engagement, increase transparency, and reduce risks for potential lawsuits. Our software solution is tailored to the industry you work in, the geography (including applicable Federal, State, and local laws), and each organization’s business rules, providing staff, management, and teams to be their best day in day out. 

Everyone, even people in management, need a breather now and then to refresh the mind, have a meal or a snack, go out and get some fresh air, and just relax. Having each member sign off on their breaks & meal periods, with auto-reminders when they should be taken, is a great way to improve productivity and engagement for every member of the team.

Goal-Oriented Analytics

Every company has to think about the future and set regular goals. However, not all companies make a clear connection between these goals and the tasks their team works on every day. CoAmplifi helps you create and assign tasks that are directly tied to your yearly goals. This method helps each team member see how their work is, making it possible for the company to achieve its goals.  

Creating Transparency in the Workplace

A great way to build trust within your team is through transparency. CoAmplifi allows everyone to see what the other members of the team are doing at any given time. This helps promote accountability and eliminates the notion that someone is doing more or less than anyone else. CoAmplifi also includes comprehensive calendars—this feature ensures that everyone is on the same page and understands the timeline for every task.

How Can coAmplifi’s Workforce Management Solution Assist Your Business?

CoAmplifi helps your business create a productive work environment (whether remote, hybrid or onsite) built on accountability and clear goals. This software is also affordable — we intend it to be accessible to all businesses. Here are the three adjectives that best describe coAmplifi:

1. Engaging

By increasing transparency, holding staff, teams, and management mutually accountable, everyone gets to celebrate their accomplishments, communicate progress and challenges, and balance flexibility with accountability. This feature is engaging to staff, teams, and executives alike. Knowing who is doing, what, where, when, at any given time enhances productivity and workforce engagement.

2. Proactive

CoAmplifi proactively takes steps towards protecting mutual interests, whether you are a team member, a team, or an executive. Our software adjusts to your work location’s applicable rules, regulations, and unique business rules and provides many tools to apply them in the workplace setting. coAmplifi’s features and functions can reduce liability, increase employee engagement, enhancing fairness for employees, teams, and the organization as a whole.

3. Confident

Thanks to coAmplifi’s prioritizing clear communication and transparency, each team member can be confident that they are on the right track and accomplishing their tasks in a timely manner. The more confident and empowered your team is, the more their productivity will soar.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Thanks to its intuitive design and emphasis on consistency, transparency, and productivity, coAmplifi is the ideal workplace software for your business. 

Contact coAmplifi today for more information—you can also ask about beta testing our software. 

Don’t wait any longer to empower your team and optimize your company’s productivity!

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