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With 62% of the global workforce reporting that they are able to work remotely at least part of the time, many employers are investing in productivity management software to increase efficiency by facilitating tasks.

But just as the popularity of remote and hybrid work has risen, so too has the number of productivity management software options on the market. In fact, the productivity management software market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 14% by 2032.

With all of this competition, how can your organization weed out underperforming solutions to get the best bang for your buck? Here’s a guide to must-have features in productivity management software and how our solution, coAmplifi, compares.

Productivity Management Software: What to Look for

Macro View of Projects

It’s much easier to efficiently track project progress when you can look at the big picture from all angles in a single dashboard. Productivity management software makes it easy to quickly get status updates – without spending valuable time chasing down information – on things like:

  • Track task progress across both individuals and teams
  • Whether your team is on target with deadlines and budget
  • How much time a particular task has taken to complete
  • Where most of the project’s time is being spent
  • The overall percentage of project/task completion
  • Identify team members who are under and over 100%

How coAmplifi Compares to Other Productivity Management Solutions

coAmplifi provides all of the above features plus the ability to view real-time progress on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), customizable views, and task integration with each team member’s job description to ensure the work is within their skillset and helps identify who is under / over 100% work allocation.

Enhanced Collaboration

coAmplifi allows “work from anywhere,” including offsite, hybrid, and onsite.

A big bonus of using productivity management software (especially in the “work from anywhere” era) is access to features designed specifically to improve collaboration and improve communication, and teamwork. Tools like instant messaging, file sharing, and team dashboards simplify collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page to avoid duplicate work.

How coAmplifi Compares to Other Productivity Management Solutions

Unlike other productivity management solutions that monitor keystrokes, website history, and occasional screenshots, coAmplifi focuses on productivity and is not a surveillance tool.

coAmplifi includes built-in discussion forums, real-time commenting on tasks, shared meeting notes, manager feedback tools, and a virtual campus that keeps team members connected – regardless of when or where they’re working.

Schedule Transparency

With blended remote, hybrid, and on-site teams, it can be challenging to keep track of who’s working, who’s in the office, who’s working remotely, or on vacation, PTO, etc. Your productivity management software should include a feature to visually display this information for all team members so you can plan communication, task deadlines, and meetings accordingly and not interrupt team members who aren’t in a work status.

How coAmplifi Compares

coAmplifi has a unique and customizable “fishtank” view that can be broken down by the entire organization, department, team, or individual peers for enhanced transparency about who’s working and who’s off work.

Tools to Maximize Organization

Productivity management software makes it easier for team members to stay organized by being able to see:

  • Who is working on each task
  • Progress/challenges with deliverables that are time-based
  • Progress/challenges on project and task milestones
  • What tasks remain outstanding

Better understand workload capacity (e.g., team members that may have the capacity for more work, those that may have a “full plate,” and those that may need help because they’ve been assigned too many tasks/projects in light of productivity metrics)

How coAmplifi Compares

coAmplifi’s workforce management solution also includes a “schedule view” that offers a user-friendly way for team members to see what’s on their agenda for each day, which tasks need to be prioritized, and optional personal tasks to maintain organization beyond the workplace.

Easier Reporting and Automated Billing

Comprehensive reports can take a long time to build when you consider the time it takes to gather and organize data, draw conclusions, and offer takeaways. Productivity management software enables organizations to stay on top of output, resource allocation, and projections all in one platform.

For example, financial services providers, such as accounting firms or CPAs, can quickly view data like:

  • Profitability modeling
  • Program management reporting
  • Tracking of billable hours/expenses
  • And more

This enables team members to focus their skills in other areas that are helpful to clients.

How coAmplifi Compares

coAmplifi provides full transparency into current and future resource availability, workload predictions linked to team members’ calendars, and an audit trail for any potential compliance-related issues. Billable hours captured by the timekeeping feature are transferable to the billing module, so invoicing can be automated.

Boost Workplace Efficiency With an All-in-One Productivity Management Software

Increased productivity leads to lower production and labor costs, increased sales, better customer service, and other benefits that can propel profitability. Our workforce and productivity management software is the best way to begin reaping these benefits. Schedule a demo now!

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